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Dentist Midwood

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Time takes a toll on even the most well looked-after teeth. Even yours. Heck, you’ve prided yourself for decades on your unbending commitment to a consistent oral hygiene routine. Yet, despite these efforts, that smile just isn’t the same anymore—discolored, chipped, and gapped. The kind of aesthetic issues that make you think twice about stretching that grin from ear to ear. Get that fixed at A Plus Dental, PC. See our Dentist Midwood today and get your smile back up to par.

Over time, your teeth lose enough enamel that they end up frail, hollow, and brittle. While that sounds alarming, there’s no need to sound the emergency bells just yet. After all, that’s what dentists are there for, to help rectify these issues. Dental crowns, for instance, are a great restorative method to get that smile back to old form. Now doesn’t that sound great? Our patients certainly think so. Keep in mind, not dental crowns aren’t one and the same. Some of the dental crowns on the market include: all-ceramic (perfect for blending in), porcelain-fused-to-metal, and stainless steel (usually used as a placeholder for the permanent substitute). But what if you just want to fix discoloration, gaps, and misalignments? No problem there—that’s what veneers are for. These porcelain strips curve to the shape of your teeth, fusing directly on them. It’s not one a one shot deal, though. Finishing this procedure actually requires multiple visits before the full effect is in place. You’ll also be glad to know that veneers do zero damage to tooth enamel, keeping them stable and intact. That’s the kind of service a Dentist Midwood from A Plus Dental, PC provides.

So what are you even waiting for? Dawdle no longer. Pick up the phone, or shoot us an e-mail to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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